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Issue No.20

Art x Technology x Crossover

What is art? What is technology? Exactly what is its essence? And where is it heading? With the rapid progress of technology, people's demand for sensory stimulation is expending endless.
When technology is used as a medium, there is hope for both historical and contemporary art to gain visibility and public acceptance through cross-domain integration.


Taiwan's pioneering display of the crossover between technology and art can be traced back to around 2008.Since art itself is technical, when art and technology merge,
the core value of such a merger is the pursuit and imagination of humanities. When these two domains are integrated, creativity, innovation and possibilities can be endless.


Therefore, this thematic topic calls for theses that further explore: the relationships within different combinations,
and various forms of possible ideas in art, technology and the crossover between them, which includes bio-art, electronic art, new media art, technological art, and interactive art.

The June issue deadline: 28th February, 2020.